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I have been with Scottrade for almost a year now. I have not been disappointed. They have an excellent online setup for research and stock trading.

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The only flaw which I have seen is the app on mobile devices. That needs improved. If you are interested in opening an account with Scottrade, use my promotion code and get free trades. I have been using Scottrade for about one year now, platform seems to have everything that is necessary for a good trading experience. After the visit I was surprised by how much interest they showed in helping me to become as familiar with their services as possible.

I have used Scottrade for six months now. My only problem is the mobile apps. They really need improved. If you are interested in creating an account get free trades by using my code. I used a referral code when I signed up, and it benefited me as well as the other person on free trades. Scottrade is a good site for beginners. Just like signing up with any broker, it is more about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of that broker. Most online brokers do not have these benefits. Scottrade is not a bare-bones online-only broker.

Although I do not trade through Scottrade, whenever a beginning investor asks me for a recommendation, Scottrade and Ameritrade are the 2 brokers I recommend. Scottrade is a great broker for anyone who is: 1 a beginner who is scared about picking a broker 2 wants a do-it-yourself online broker — but with the ability of being able to call someone or talk to someone in person just in case 3 someone who wants to do long-term investing for a reasonable price 4 someone who wants to do LIGHT trading a couple of trade per month.

I have had an account with ST for the past 5 months and although not an experienced trader by any standards, the site has served me well. The Java Scottrader has worked fine, never had any crash. I trade most on penny stocks varying from 5 to k shares. What the heck??? Customer service is horrendous. This is nuts, and will likely cause a lot of people to pay taxes on gains that are not real.

At one point I could not remember which password to enter to login and ended up being forced to call a human to reset it. Never in my life have I delt with a company with as many issues as Scottrade. Their brokers are inexperienced, rude, and disrespectful. Be careful who you trust your money with, especially this place. Their website is a joke, their trading platform crashes constantly, and their so-called brokers are as professional as a 6 year old child.

They broke one of my trades into 4 trades. Did you read the review at all? Though he did have some nice things to say about Scottrade, he never asked anyone to join. I found the information here and the user comments quite relevant as a review. Very Happy with Scottrade. New and Scottrade referral code: IXFV will get you 3 free trades when you open any type of account at Scottrade. After this weeks sell off….. In other words, the commission is based on the stock price, not the size of the trade. I am a new trader who has been using Scottrade for a couple of months now.

Overall I have been satisfied with them. The website is simple and easy to use. The home page shows all pertinent information in well-organized form: your account balance, current positions, order status, alerts, and watch list. More account and order details are easily accessible with a single click. I have made several trades and experienced no problems whatsoever. The website has plenty of ways to research stocks.

Interactive charts can be constructed with just a few clicks and information about fundamentals, earnings, and financials is available by clicking tabs above the summary. It also provides a few recent news headlines, although I have found that the stock pages on Yahoo Finance are better for finding news articles about a specific stock. There is an online knowledge center that has various help pages and FAQs about trading. Much of the information is very basic and generic, but it is helpful for a new trader.

A supplement to the main website is the Scottrade Community, which is a forum where Scottrade members can post about stocks and trading. Beyond the website, I like that Scottrade has local branch offices all over the country. The branch manager answered all my questions and my account was up and running in almost no time. He also called me a while ago out of the blue just to see how I was doing and whether I had any questions.

I did a bunch of research prior to starting with Scottrade and it seemed to be one of the best options out there. I hope my review has been helpful. I have been using Scottrade for a little over a year now and have had a great experience. With low commission and absolutely no fees Scottrade has made investing simple and stress free. Their website has a myriad of advanced trading tools that even a beginner investor, like myself, can use. Their customer service is also top notch. Whenever I had a question I just called my local branch and a person would answer every time.

Whether your a beginner or an advanced trader, Scottrade has plenty to offer. I have been using scottrade for about 2 months now and i have made about dollars. However, thiers this new thing they have called scottrade smarttext and what it does is analyze stock charts for you and interprets them so you can understand them easily, which has helped me make money.

I wish Scottrade would have some analysis tool for decomposing a stock based on risk factors. Do you know of any other brokers that have this type of analysis? I have 3 different accounts. I just got a new referral code if anyvody needs 3 free trades. Referral code: IXFV 3 free trades for you when you open an account. Stay with Scottrade.. Open an account using the referral code and you will see, there platform is very well put together. The people whining about technical support on these threads are hilarious.

When a corporation that big has an issue, their phones blow up. They will be aware if something is on their end. Scottrade has very useful tutorials that will guide you along so you can learn everything possible about trading and there programs. On top of all the great things Scottrade offers they have offices all around where you can go to talk to someone, No more impersonal phone calls but a dedicated group of customer service reps that will always be there for you. If anyone decides to open an account if you place this referral code. Does anyone out there use a Mac.

During normal trading I can stay on the site for minutes before it kicks me off. During heavy trading days it is 20 to 40 seconds. Some of the time the trade goes through, sometimes not. Maybe their tech guy at the Scottrade conference I attended last year had it right. I have had an account with Scottrade for a couple of years. I have had some minor problems but nothing major. My question is do you know if they are ever able to get their clients shares of an IPO? I then bought some stocks using most of that money after the account said I had that amount available to trade. Jacob, this seems like a problem with your initial money transfer.

Scottrade did what any other broker would have done. I do use several brkers so I know.

Give more time to get used to trading and its ins and outs. You will feel better. I just started trading 2 days ago and decided to use Scottrade. So far, so good. They also provide demonstrations for you in person if you visit their office, but their website is user friendly enough to where I figured most of the basics out for myself. One great thing about Scottrade is that they do offer free trades if you refer someone.

The referer and referee both get 3 free trades. Scottrade has treated me well and I enjoy their service. Moreover, I would like to share 3 free trades with the new community of scottrades. Well, enjoy and have a beautiful day. I too got 3 free trades with Scottrade. I enjoy it. You too can get 3 free trades by using YHOO Like the flat rate since I sometimes trade 10,, shares at a time so savings are good 3.

Customer service is ok, most of the time they are professionals and know what i want to know but I do not normally call for help. Houston- Nasa Area Very friendly.

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SO unprofessional. Yes, there could be some improvements but overall, its ok.

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Been with them for, well at least 10 years. To me, I will stick with Scottrade and do recommend them to those that ask for a discount broker. Myardor, ie the Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Would be nice if those ppl could meet in person at a starbucks or public library. Thank you for sharing this feedback. Please call us at so we can assist you. Attending any one of these events would be a great way to meet other ELITE users who live in your area. Thank you again for your suggestions and for being a valued Scottrade customer for over ten years.

Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else. I never want to deal with the people of Scottrade again. I have had an awful expereience everytime. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with your experience at your local branch. I understand that you have spoken with us and will be moving to a new branch office that opened this week. I hope you will have a better experience at that branch and that we can work through any unresolved issues you might have. We value your business and want to provide you with quality customer service, online and in-person.

After a number of incidents with Scottrade we have moved all our business to Charles Schwab. We find Schwab provides better and faster service, and are far more professional, especially in the world of investment. I am surprised because I have never had that problem. Use TurboTax and you should be fine with Scottrade. Can anyone provide names of companies to look at for someone who holds their positions for a longer period of time.

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Definitely geared toward buy-and-hold approach, using mutual funds and ETFs. You can trade individual stocks too, of course. Miles, check out better-investing. There may be an investing club close to where you live. You can find no better place to guide you on how to select stocks. There is a membership fee but well eorth it. I am looking for someone to sort of become a mentor in order to learn how to trade and what to look out for so that I dont get burned trying to learn. Anyone have any ideas on how to network to find someone you can trust.

So far, Scottrade has executed all my transactions online without a single glitch. Scottrade completed my request at the requested price limit order, placed the night before. One good thing about sharebuilder, they transfer monet back to my checking with no charge. They sharebuilder also were able to complete a buy request for Bershire BRK. B when Scottrade could not do it. This was the night before BRK. I had a serious communication conflict after calling my Maryland Scottrade office contact, attempting to ascertain accurate information regarding an account transaction of mine.

After several email requests to the National Service Center and two telephone calls over a period of two weeks, the Maryland office in question was unable to clearly answer my questions and even developed a defended unresponsive posture, as I grew increasingly frustrated. If one of the local offices cannot satisfy a query, I recommend the Compliance Department at Scottrade.

If that sounds confusing, it is. Moreover, it is unfortunate that I had to go through great pains over a period of six weeks which included numerous emails and phone calls to secure this information. Given that my trust level in general has been seriously breached by the banking industry in a general context, I want current detailed accounts of all my monetary transactions from all banking and brokerage institutions with whom I deal in a timely way.

Notwithstanding the fact that I will no longer deal with the Maryland office, I am sticking with Scottrade, as my overall experience over the last ten years as been on balance, positive. The web site is very slow. I placed an buy limit order and changed my mind and tried to cancel the order before it was executed. The web site does not move for a few minutes, and I could not cancel and I lost a lot of money. The stock information it offers was not sufficient enough.

I had to use Google Finance and Yahoo Finance to get more information about the companies I was interested. You have a lot of unreasonable limitations. So, I decided to find another discount brokerage. Oh, one more thing. When I tried to withdraw my money, it does not allow me to use ACH which is free even though I used it when I deposited the fund. I wonder why they do not offer ACH withdrawal that is faster, safer and cheaper. Free ACH for deposit only. So, you might want to consider that too, if you withdraw your money often. The customer service was the easiest to deal with as well so maybe you just found a bad rep that day?

Have you tried to call another person?

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